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Whole new worlds are created inside the mind
through the medium of audio.


MJTV has had extensive experience in producing such audios.

Soldiers of Love
In 1999, MJTV released the first CD episode of a completely original sci-fi comedy series 'Soldiers of Love', written, directed and produced by Mark J Thompson. Featuring many stars from British television programmes such as Dr Who and Blake's Seven, this quirky series continued over 14 releases until 2005. Click here to buy.

The Actor Speaks
In 2000, MJTV started producing and releasing another occasional range of CDs called 'The Actor Speaks', each of which features a well known actor from the world of television. An eclectic mix of interviews, poems, thoughts and dramas, this well received series, currently stands at 5 volumes. Click here to buy.

MJTV was subcontracted in 2006 to direct and produce the pilot series of 'Companion Chronicles' for Big Finish Ltd's original audio 'Doctor Who' range. With a tight deadline and budget, Mark oversaw production and direction of the four initial volumes, 'Frostfire', 'Fear of the Daleks', 'Blue Tooth' and 'The Beautiful People'. This initial series proved a great success.

In 1999, Mark wrote and directed 'Only Human' for BBV's 'Time Traveller' audio CD series.

MJTV also provided the speaking parts for Codemaster's 'Soldiers' Computer game.



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